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"Lost time is never found again"

Always procrastinating? Don't Waste Today will help you analyze why and take action!

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How it works

Don't Waste Today is a free and open source app that will:

  • Help you understand how often you procrastinate
  • Tell you why you procrastinate
  • Give you the insights to take action to "unstuck" your life.

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom"

1. The app will notify you to ask if you are procrastinating

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2. If you are procrastinating, the app asks you why

3. Then you'll see an analysis and daily scores. Use these insights to learn and overcome your procrastination!

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Stop procrastinating on...

Social Media

Scroll no further


Do, not watch

Video Games

All play no way

Online Shopping

Stop the shop

News & Politics

Escape the noise

And more

Today is precious - don't waste it

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